After watching this IMHO this Virus is so outmatched it isn’t even “Fair”

Thanks again to Marek from Liechtenstein

This Video is over an hour long but I promise you IF you watch it you will be blown away mesmerized AND comforted .

There is No hint of Political Agenda here. The only Agenda is that of our Miraculous Immune System to protect Us.

Blown away by the incredible complexity which is just now in JUST NOW this red hot minute …becoming more and more understood.

AND Astonished at the scientific tools and studies by the worlds brightest which make it possible to “see” these processes and map them at the Atomic Level…

AND Dumbfounded with these Two Incredible men who are presenting this information so that even lay persons who are interested can understand .

The bottom line…in the grand scheme of things the virus is screwed again IMHO

It is so outmatched by our incredible immune systems that it’s check mate !

Yes a few unfortunate imunologically weakened souls have succumbed and some more will succumb to this but the 99.9% of humanity will kick it’s sorry little ass goodbye.

The question now is will the “Policy makers” in Public Health ( WHO CDC etc) recognize what these researchers have discovered and let us all get on with it…or will they yet again interfere with our rights to a life.

More and More I feel that if they try that shit again they will regret it .

This Video has only a few thousand hits so far….Pass it on…So we don’t get fooled again by the WHO