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Alex Berenson….This guy is Good

With the vaccines failing – and, make no mistake, the vaccines are failing, as The New York Times itself essentially admitted on Wednesday night – the desperation among the public health grandees is palpable. No wonder they’re scared shitless.

And so the grandees have only two choices:

Admit they were wrong last year and that the only way to achieve herd immunity is to allow nearly everyone to be exposed to the coronavirus –

Or put the world back into lockdown as they await a vaccine that actually works.

They won’t accept the first.

They know the world won’t accept the second.

And so they have chosen a third, the Hail Mary of boosters, an effort to top up the current vaccines without any real evidence that doing so will work.

The risks they’re running are incalculable. Truly. They don’t know what the side effects may be. They don’t know if the extra antibodies the vaccines produce will last, or for how long. They don’t know if a fourth – or fifth, or sixth – dose will be needed, and what side effects those might have.

They just know they can’t admit they were wrong.