If you ask me this thing is DONE….Fear Porn and Hysterical Reactions Aside…( From Both ends of the spectrum)…It’s All Over !

The Delta Schmelta if it’s even a thing has No Teeth

Most people have natural immunity either acquired by “infection” or they had the T and B Cells to ward this off from cross immunities ( This was KNOWN as far back as The Diamond Princess)

Only 20% of the shipmates tested positive despite being FULLY exposed.

So they are counting “Cases” from a Test that they admit is useless …it’s WAY TOO AMPED UP TO BE MEANINGFUL AND “They” cannot even tell Covid from the Flu…AND they are Counting Deaths WAY OVER EXAGERATED JUST FOR the $s.

In spite of all that just LOOK at the UK

FAKE Cases ….YES

FAKE Deaths…HARDLY ANY ( No matter how hard they try ! )

This has gone on long enough to make the assesment…It’s OVER

From all the studies posted here it is obvious that the Vaccines did absolutely Nothing … except Kill and maim maybe .5% of those who lined up and couldn’t wait to take it…SO FAR !

It has only taken this long to resolve to a relatively harmless flu / cold which is endemic just like a lot of these respiratory viruses…because of all the Assinine Public Covidiot Health Mandates From the Low IQ Government appointed Chief Medics.. which prevented this from spreading naturally as every other respiratory “virus” has for ever.

But How can this be called a Pandemic at this point.

Basis UK Stats ( Most Places are similar)

What IF there is NO Nefarious Depopulation Plot ?

What IF this has all been about enriching the Drug Pushers

What if the Fear Porn from MSM is Bull Shit ( we know it is) and has been the cause of Public Terror which has allowed those in “Power” to go Nucking Futz with little Political Risk


What if The Fear Porn from Alt Media Sites is also BS or at least Hyper Over Reaction in the other direction .

What IF this thing has Run It’s course and It’s all over but the Crying . ?