This is a website which offers a rare commodity …HOPE …even CERTAINTY…that after a period of major turmoil the New World Order will Come Crashing Down in a Spectacular Fail .

This guy is doing something about it…He may seem a little over the top and maybe more Optimistic than
even I have been accused of 🙂 Give this a read nonetheless …I think you will see his point

He is asking everybody who is aware and awake ( like EVERYBODY here in the Goldtent Community is ) to DO SOMETHING !

I submit that we collectively already ARE doing something…by gathering information together and spreading it even in the face of ridicule… and by Continually Exposing the Beasts we contribute to their destruction .

Have a Look…Stick with it…He is Right…Their Foundation is Bulit on Covid and the Foundation is Cracking

Gloom and Doom , Fear and Resignation sucks and it is no way to LIVE.

Lets see every article that highlights what the Evil Empire has in store as another Brick in OUR Foundation …Exposing Them and ultimately completely undermining their already weakening foundation.

Collectively WE are Much Much bigger, stronger, more motivated, and smarter than “they” Are..

We KNOW who they are now and we Know what they are up to…LETS KICK THEM IN THE GROIN THEN HANG THEM BY THE BALLS


This is why the New World Order
is doomed to fail


“The wicked are falling in their own traps, they are slain with their own weapons, they are digging their own grave, they are ensnared in their own nets.
Have hope, precious people of the world. Your efforts, prayers and tears are not in vain. Your voice is heard, more than you are aware of.

The situation may still get very ugly for a while, as the globalist criminals are desperately trying to force their plans, making one mistake after the other. A monster that is panicking, can do a lot of damage before it dies.

We have to be strong in faith, hope and love, and help one another. Be a source of support for others, in any way you can.
We may see some hard times, but if we stand strong in faith that sees BEYOND the mountains of trouble, we will come through as better people.

Because when we keep our faith, hope and love during hard times, it builds our character and makes us people with more strength and vision, who can do phenomenal things.

So hang in there. No matter how huge and intimidating this worldwide ‘tower of Babel’ may look, as the globalists build their mastodon of the New World Order – that blocks the sun for humanity and wants all to live in its chilling shade – we see how it is wobbling to and fro already, cracking at the very foundation.

The winds of truth are blowing harder and harder. The DRAGON is falling, and all who are with him…”