Thank you PK for sending this …

My first reaction to be honest was…oh shit another conspiracy from one of our Right Wing Nuts.

I almost junked it .

But after viewing this….This changes everything !

This lady is a Rock Star .

You need vimeo ( free) to watch

vimeo link for android


Now THIS really Pisses me off

Everybody who is connected to the movement to bring these crimes to light gets a HIT JOB on their Wikipedia page…and these Pages are very up to date .

Wikipedia and Utube are doing everything to suppress and discredit People like Dr Erickson and Dr Mikovits and so many others who are speaking out and naming names .

This is an outrage…who is so powerful that they control these supposedly public information avenues .

Does the name Bill Gates come to mind ?

I used to see him as a benevolent philanthropical nerd…No more…!!!

A psychopathic murderous maniacal prick who makes Ted Bundy look like a choir boy


Why does Trump Tolerate Fauchi

Why does he not just come out one day when the little creep is speaking and just interupt him and say his famous line

“You’re Fired”…right there in the presser on live TV !

Then have him removed in handcuffs !

If Trump really is the great white hope…he needs to do this like Yesterday !

Drain the swamp ?

After this expose he damn well better get started.

If not NOW then WHEN ?


PS I know a guy who has the answer to this question .

Calling out Parabolic Chuck !!!

Now Vimeo has censored this WTF ?

new link