Where do I even begin with this thread? I can barely articulate the vastness of what I am confronted with. Because it is a tower of lies so high and so expansive that it staggers the imagination and makes the conclusions almost impossible to swallow. Yet accept it I must. Because ignoring it is impossible.

Let me start from anywhere then. The middle will do just fine. These past weeks I have been down some Rabbit holes so deep that they opened right up and spilled into Plato’s allegorical Cave. The world is not as it appears. But I never knew better and in fact I was not even questioning the world we all know so well. Of course we live on a globe and are ruled by “Globalists” Everyone knows that.

So this thread is partly about the shape of our planet and some serious gnawing doubts its even a planet at all. This is about a growing school of thought in the internet world that is insisting the world is actually flat as opposed to a spinning ball of water and continents. A planar world in other words. A Flat Earth. If you are already pissed off at the idiocy of the topic and feeling this is going to be a big waste of your time then you are just like me.

The me of three weeks ago, that is.

The me who had never bothered to take this subject seriously long enough to even watch one stupid Flat Earth video. But the topic kept appearing in my feeds and as promotions in my sidebars. Finally I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I picked a time when there was nothing else noteworthy happening in the real news world and watched one of their goofy videos. I figured I would get done with Flat Earth theory pretty quickly then return to my usual lineup of entertainment without much fanfare.

Hahahahahahaha!!! NOT!!

So here I am writing my assessment and the only thing that’s spinning is my head. Because I learned that there has never been even one single photo taken of the Earth from space. EVER. That the entire International Space Station is housed in a swimming pool somewhere in Texas. That Hubble is not really a satellite out in space. Instead it is optics mounted inside a 747 that gets flown around peering not into deep space but rather into a projection of stars in the roof of our sky. And that gravity is just a novelty idea that has never been proven while even E=MC2 is possibly a fraudulent and flawed theory no matter how unassailable it has become due to Einsteins reputation.

That is hardly even the start of the host of problems Flat Earth confronts. Going deeper we learn there may not be any empty vacuum of “space” at all and certainly none that a human being has ever experienced since nobody has ever broken through the invisible barrier over our heads. Any rocket that has actually reached into the uppermost parts of our atmosphere always explodes before exiting into outer space. This is almost too much to fathom. What is really going on here?

So I was hooked. I watched another video. And then three. Over a period of a few weeks I may have seen a hundred or more and spent all my spare time researching the ideas of Flat Earth which to my utter shock and amazement makes far more sense than the globe earth model.

And in the process every single thing I thought I knew about our world and the universe around us has been challenged. So this week I have been busy taking out the trash and cleaning the attic. My head is filled with fluff it turns out. Masses of the knowledge I thought I possessed is just pink cotton candy and pigs swill. What a waste of my mind! So I am turfing it out and feeling pretty good about the cleanup. There is actually something therapeutic about discovering a huge hole in ones knowledge base and then realizing there is something we can start doing about it now. I may not yet have anything to replace the junk info with but I can certainly take the initiative and start making room in the attic for the truth while I await its arrival.

So everything must go. All my statistics about the planets is a good start. The idiocy of light years and wild distances measured in trillions of miles is already trashed. I never liked that aspect of the universe anyway. Nobody can wrap their head around the ideas of the nearest stars being so many light years distant while still being visible to the naked eye. It all stunk from the word go. So did all variations of the graphical and imaginary types of sun’s in outer space. How can any of it be valid if there is no emptiness of outer space to speak of anyway? And what about comets? According to one researcher those are just electrical and magnetic phenomenon in our atmosphere. Wow

So much to throw out. So much room available for new material.

I am not here to convince anyone else about a flat Earth though. That is a waste of my time. You will have to look into this and research it yourself. The results will likely shock you just as much as they shocked me if you keep an open mind and are able to absorb facts that run contrary to everything you have been taught all your life. I will only say we have been lied to about everything.


And by the time you cotton on to the truth you will discover you can never go back to believing in the globe model ever again.

We live in a flat Earth. The evidence is overwhelming and unequivocal. The reason its being hidden though is harder to understand. But I have an inkling of the truth and it relates to how all deceptions are carried out. We are being misdirected to look outward and upwards to the heavens in order to conceal a greater truth. That aliens live among us on this planet and they are below our feet, across far flung Antarctica, under the oceans and in tunnels and modern cities below ground.

Our minds are being consumed with worthless details and false information about space travel as a means to cover up the fact that the real discoveries are still to be made on this flat world we all share. It is being done to protect the real owners of this planet by keeping us all distracted with Star Trek and Star wars myths so we don’t dig deeper in our own back yards and look under our seas.

Nobody would go to such an effort to hide the truth about the shape of the “globe” unless there was something of such importance it had to remain secret for all time. As it stands, we are victims of the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the people of this planet. Fully 98% of all people believe we live on a globe. Only the slimmest minority have taken the trouble to learn that is a big fat lie.

I encourage you to join the 2% if you have the guts for it.

Or take the other pill and just go back to sleep.