This is from an email too long to post it all…from a Site called “Stop World Control”

From the very first day Trump announced his presidential run in 2016, all hell broke lose. One assault after the other was unleashed to sabotage him, all media assets were activated to slander him, every criminal method was deployed to make sure he would fail.

When Trump became president – to the unspeakable terror of the cabal and Deep State – they continued their unrelenting assaults, with false accusations galore. After the Russian collusion hoax, they tried impeaching him twice, and failed both times. On January 6th 2020 they set a trap to falsely accuse him of inciting an insurrection, with an attempt to arrest him. They failed again, as security footage shows the thing was staged by the FBI.

After nine years of ongoing attacks on Trump, they are attempting once again to arrest him. Documents leaked that show the plan to arrest Trump on Tuesday of next week. On Truth Social, Trump posted:

Why do they so desperately want to get rid of Trump?

?? Trump exposed the deep corruption of the US government

?? Trump exposed the deep corruption of the Big Media

?? Trump exposed the deep corruption of Big Tech

?? Trump exposed the deep corruption of Big Pharma

?? Trump exposed the deep corruption of the FBI

?? Trump exposed the deep corruption of the World Health Organization

?? Trump exposed the deep corruption of the voting system

?? Trump exposed the deep corruption of taxes

?? Trump exposed child trafficking

?? Trump exposed the criminal plandemic

?? Trump exposed the transgender movement

?? Trump exposed the agenda for a one world government

And a whole lot more…

In short: Trump revealed to America and the world what kind of evil is going on, and he calls constantly for the people to rise and resist.

By opening the eyes of humanity for all the above – and much more – Trump has caused the greatest awakening in human history, with an unprecedented worldwide activation of hundreds of millions of people who are standing up against the plan plan to enslave humanity.

Thanks to his efforts the republicans are powerfully taking on the Biden crime family, Big Tech, the FBI and CIA, FDA, CDC, and other governmental agencies. Investigations are ongoing to expose their crimes against humanity.

Trump has announced that he will reform taxes, and restore America to be a nation run by people, instead of Washington DC which is an office of the British Elites from the City of London.

If the Manhattans District Attorney’s Office follows suit with their plan to arrest Trump, this will once again expose a fundamental crime in our society: the corrupt judicial system. It will be another massive victory for Trump and humanity.

We however don’t know if they will proceed with their scheme, as it is being exposed beforehand, and already causing a nationwide outrage. Even at the DA’s office, chaos has erupted: