Jeff Childers has an incredible piece in today’s C&C Report …On Brandons new Cancer Crusade

It ends with this

For a little Team Reality moment, Ethical Skeptic has been ringing the cancer alarm bell for months. Here’s his latest chart, using CDC data:

That vertical line showing where the jump in cancer began marks April, 2021, when SOMETHING changed. So weird. He says the cancer data (the top chart) is now somewhere between an 8-sigma and 20-sigma statistical event, which means something that only happens once in Earth’s history.

All of those articles about the scary new causes of the cancer epidemic were published from the last month or so; meaning that the studies they reported on were probably started sometime after April. Most of the articles ran during the last two weeks — so all the underlying studies were probably started around the same time. A weird coincidence. A happy coincidence, because they all came out right before Joe’s big (second) Cancer Moon Shot announcement.

Do I have to say it? It’s OBVIOUSLY a coordinated corporate media push about cancer. They are SO predictable.

So great ready for the new narrative. One way to interpret all this new attention on cancer is that they can’t hide the spiking cancer rates any more, so they need a new narrative: Everything causes cancer (so it’s not THEIR fault). And — fortunately for us — the administration is ON IT. Because they care about our well-being.

Joe’s getting ahead of the breaking story. I can’t wait to hear all the details!


Fully’s Comment : Jeff doesn’t say it explicitly for fear of being banned at his Big Tech Sponsored platforms BUT I will spell it out

LOOK AT THAT CHART…IT IS A NO BRAINER , A NO DOUBTER..The Covid Vaccines are Causing an EXPLOSION in Cancer Rates !!!!!!

Here is the link to Jeff’s brilliant work and analysis .( first half is Ukraine which I already posted…scroll down to Cancer)

It may not be paywalled…I hope you can all see it

Then get out there and be brutally honest with your friends co workers and Family …if you have any left