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Ok, good doc, great bedside manner, very helpful and I got the script for ivermectin.

He sends it to the local Walgreen’s pharmacy. I wait a day and go to pick it up.

Only one question from the pharmacist: do you have any allergies to this medicine?


Okay, then. 45 pills. That will be $316. Do you have insurance?

Wait, wait, I have a Prescription RX card. No insurance that covers drugs.

Okay, that will be $68

I walk out with my prep ivermectin and then discuss with my wife. How on earth do these drug companies and their “distribution” arms (pharmacies) get away with these outrageous prices?? $300 for 45 pills that are cheap as dirt? The whole medical establishment has become one gigantic and expensive scam.

Put the pills in the back seat and drove home.


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