They call them Vaccine Passports . But They are issued to Fully Vaxxed People , To People with a negative test and to people who have recovered from Covid ( ie have had a positive test)

Called the EU digital COVID certificate, the credential indicates if a traveller has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, has received a recent negative test result, or has immunity due to recent recovery. It takes the form of a QR code which can be displayed on an electronic device such as a smartphone or printed out.

SO…who is banned from crossing Euro zone borders >?

Looks like ..Only those who have not been tested or have Proof of Vaxx.

If you have a positive test ( and don’t die) you are good for 180 days ( the arbitrary assumption is natural immunity is good for 6 months)

If you have a Negative test ( presumably a home lateral flow test ?) you are good for ? days ??

If you are Vaxxed twice and 14 days are good for ? days ??

Fully’s Fearless Freedictions

1…There will be Mass Chaos at Eurozone Borders and Airports…so much so that this moronic idea will fail

2…EVERYONE who takes the Home test which seems like it is to be reported by the honor system will be Negative…

3…EVERYONE except those who actually report a positive test ( even if they are negative)

“Quarantine” for 14 days…Then you are free for 6 months at least !

4…Counterfeit Passes will be a dime a dozen