Here is an email I just sent my staff and friends .

Wow everybody…I am shaking here..I just came across this report which confirms what I have been saying since early last year.

After experiencing every symptom of Covid starting in November 2019 ( before Covid was a thing)…and after noting so many of our staff and my family and friends all had the worst “flu” ever in that time frame. I spent a lot of time researching The origins of covid . I found many obscure articles stating that wherever there was a large military base there were many cases of severe flu like illnesses reported BEFORE it was believed Covid was active. Then I came across an article about the Wuhan Military Games which is a very large gathering of athletes from all over the world and took place ..coincidently from mid to late October. Canada sent a large contingent . Apparently Many of the athletes stayed in a Hotel near that “Wet” market in Wuhan claimed to be the original source of the virus. AND many got sick soon after arrival ( mostly Americans) ..They went to that same hospital where the original problem was recorded.

As most of you know Our Office in Shelburne is only a few miles from one of the largest Military Bases in Canada …base Borden…AND we have many patients who work there and or live in the Town of Angus right next door. So I felt it was NOT a co incidence that shortly after the Wuhan Games ended and Military personnel returned …WE all got sick !

Also note Shelburne soon after had one of the worst Nursing home out breaks ..where 20 some residents died after ALL of the residents got covid ( Also the Military had been called in to help in the middle of all this !) Help ? The probably helped spread it !

As many of you know I contacted Public health and told them this story…and the PH Nurse said it was interesting and she would send my info to Public Health Ontario Head Office…I called back and they said they were reviewing this but never heard from them again.

I then contacted a local news paper Orangeville Citizen and they put me in contact with a young lady reporter ..who by huge coincidence was married to a soldier and lives in Base Borden. She was very interested in my story ..especially the Military Angle…She asked me to have many of you to contact her to flesh out the story…and many of you did. After a long while I contacted her and asked how the story was coming. She said her editor told her to drop it. I called him and he said Nobody from our side contacted the reporter…BULL SHIT…this was a cover up as we can see from this article below.

Here is the reply I got from this “reporter” before she went “silent”

Hi Gary!

My apologies for my lack of responses. I’ve been working on getting a lot of stories together, but most definitely have not forgot about you! I’m continuing working on your story and it’s going to go out next week. We are looking at getting more information through more contacts to try to gain answers about your situation. It’s a really big story and I didn’t want to rush the story and not do it justice is all! Strongly apologize! I’ve gathered tons of information from the links you sent me so now I’m looking to getting answers.

Will reach out shortly when I know more,

Many thanks,

xxxxxx xxxx
Caledon Citizen

Wow we have been ground ZERO for this Whole Covid Story….I knew it !

I gave up trying to get this story out when a second newspaper Orangeville Banner said they were not interested.

Recently I got my doctor to request an antibody test..It was negative but as I have been discussing with some of you antibodies last maybe 6 months BUT T Cell Immunity which is a much stronger response can last for years and decades. I believe all of us who had this thing last year are immune .

Here it is…I literally fell out of my chair here

Here is The Original Post on this Thesis from back in May 2020.

It is now virtually certain that COVID-19 was brought to Wuhan by American troops taking part in the city’s World Military Games last Oct. 18-27.