I subsrcibe to Spencer Fernando . He is a relatively new Canadian Conservative Political Analyst and strong supporter of Pierre Poilievre Lately i have been very disappointed in his commentary supporting the ukraine war and P P’s stance aganst European MP Christine Anderson. I contacted him on behalf of Canadian Goldtenters and the REAL Conservatives in our Country and blasted him and PP. I suspect many others have done so as well

Much of Fernando’s work is great and much of it is free. This post is Paywalled BUT VERY Important . It is a response to Conservatives who are upset with Poilievre …The Sub Title says it all.

Whine or Win? The choice facing Pierre Poilievre’s critics on the right

This is an interesting look into the Dilemas facing Poilievre as he has to navigate the very divided and quirky Populaxe here in Canada. He has risin to power in the Conservative Party BECAUSE of massive support of REAL Conservatives BUT I admit after his stance on Ukraine and his stance against Christine Anderson i vowed to Take my support to Maxime Bernier and his PPC. of course Splitting the Vote in the last election is what got the Turd re-elected . Enough votes were lost by the Conservatives to the PPC in some close ridings to deny Conservatives a dozen seats and in spite of the fact the Turd got fewer votes than any leader in history he won a minority. So alienating the BASE again , as did O’toole the previous tratorious CPC leader , would be disasterous in the next election.

This piece by Fernando seems to have heen written to address this isue and explain the delicate position P P finds himself in .

I am posting the piece in the first comment . VERY IMPORTANT YOU PASS IT ON TO ALL CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS..



PS I love Bernier and in a perfect world He would be a viable Prime Minister Candidate ….but lets face it right now we need to get rid of da Turd and the only way is to Support Pierre.

I detest the fact that MOST Canadians are idiots and still think Russia is Communist and Putin is a totalitarian Dictator…BUT I do see the point Fernando is making here…Poilievre has no choice but to show support for Ukraine…to do otherwise would be political suicide as he says.


Note there are a bunch of video links and other stuff that won’t copy into the comment section …here they are…PASS IT ON…