The whole Sordid Affair we are living through and the Layers of the Onion we are peeling back as we incredulously seek to understand WTF just happened , can lead us down some mindblowing Rabbit Holes . Places we never in our worst nightmares though possible . BUT if we do not go to these “Uncomfortable” Places TO UNCOVER WHAT IS AND HAS BEEN GOING ON for Centuries we cannot really break through and begin to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of those who we are journeying with in this Lifetime .

We Post and Comment on so many Unbelievable stories all day every day herE at the tent…Incredible mindbending stuff that becomes numbing after a while…how many times can we think…holy fookeroony each and every article that we read here .

BUT…how did we get here ? What is really going ON and when did it all begin . has our whole life been lived within a series of Lies ..lies even about the foundation of the Universe and Every Institution we thought we knew ?

So I have been leaving my comfort zone of late as have many of you and have been exploring some things that are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE….But Knowledge that has been available to any one interested for a long time now .

The Substack Phenomenon has opened up a Whole new world for Freedom “Fighters” and Truth Seekers . So many incredible brilliant minds have come to us in our inbox . We can pick and choose who we are interested in following now as opposed to GETTING OUR INPUTS FROM the “Legacy” media who had been spoon feeding us Lies…ABOUT EVERYTHING …not just these last 3 years BUT for our whole lives.

Here is an example of what I mean…from a Guy who is in self exile ( Hiding) and has been posting a Substack under the name Toby Rogers. I know this journey is not for everyone…BUt if you have the time ( many of us are retired or semi retired) and the Inkling to take a DEEP DIVE ….Here is a Place to begin .


My Mentor for this Journey has been one of our Original Members at Rambus Chartology and here at the New Goldtent TA Paradise a young(ish) man we call Parabolic Chuck . Chuck is an unabashed Free Thinking Born Again Christian ( I am NOT BTW) ( Not yet Chuck 🙂 )

We have been having discussions on and off for years and He has been sending me some of his research …Finally i decided to give much of it a Look with fresh eyes and Much of it really resonates with me …None more than THIS Series . Once you start …YOU will not be able to stop . This is a 3 part Documentary on the Real Forces behind the Founding of America . I am half way through the first part and can say I now really understand what is going on today and the 2 Opposing Forces involved that have been at it since the beginning of the USA …and indeed well before…Fascinating and Fantastic are 2 lame words when it comes to this work.

Like I say This is not for everyone but if you want to have a deep understanding of WTF is really going on here and how it has transpired …This is IT . These Guys are INCREDIBLE ( note these documentries were produced during the Bush2 Times …but are even more relivant now IMO)

Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings

Part 1 The New Atlantis

Part 2 Riddles in Stone

Part 3 Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar