Here’s a good group to support…KIDS…..this Gen was screwed royally by their parents and grandparents generations.

We should encourage all family members in this situation to join.

this is a email from Canadian Taxpayers Association

Dear Gary,

Students are stepping up, but there’s a problem.

And it’s the best problem.

A lot of us are seeing some grey hair in the mirror so you need young people to take a stand for lower taxes and a better future.

Here’s the great news: our campus organization, Generation Screwed, is training student leaders across Canada. They picked the name Generation Screwed because they’re getting stuck with the bill for government debt.

You should see what they’re accomplishing. We thought it would take years to recover after the pandemic closed classrooms. Generation Screwed had dwindled to seven students at three campuses. We underestimated these students.

You can already find Generation Screwed campus clubs holding events at 16 major universities across Canada. There are already dozens of student organisers putting together events.

Here’s the amazing problem.

We now have more Generation Screwed campus clubs than we even hoped. We need to increase their budget to ensure each club is well stocked with display banners, stickers, pamphlets and books.

All together, the bill is $5,155.

You can give Generation Screwed a hand by chipping in to help with that bill. If about 500 supporters like you invest $10 each, Generation Screwed will be back on budget. Please donate now on our secure website:

Thanks for stepping up to help the next generation of taxpayers – it’s making a difference!

– Gage, Todd, Shannon and all of the CTF staff

PS: It’s amazing what $10 can do. First, you add your $10 to donations from hundreds of others and it adds up fast. And $10 to train students today pays off for decades as they grow to become leaders for the future. You can make a big difference – here’s the link to the secure donation site: