The Leftards are freaking out because cases are climbing a little again. They are crying Wolf and want Red States to shut down and mask up

Where are the cases Climbing in the USA ? In the Lockdown States and the ones most vaccinated

Something Interesting has developed in the reporting that I noticed

Cases are insignificant as we all know…Hospitalizations are the true measure of a “pandemic” not cases which are mosly sniffles or zero symptoms.

I used THIS site to see USA hospitalizations …they were dropping relentlessly until one day 3 weeks ago the site announced they were not going to report any more…no explanation…just done

click to see and wait for it to load

So I scoured the www for another site…They ALL stopped reporting Hospitalizations at the same time !!

WTF eh ?

I did find this site which reports state by state the Hospital capacity utilization.

And it is stunning…there is no state where they are even close to capacity in the hospitals…most are at 60 to 70% which is well below normal and you can see from this site …the actual Covid hospitalizations are a very small subset of the totals

Methinks they are hiding something !

look here…click off the pop up then look at each state by clicking on it…cool tool

IF there is to be a surge in Hospitalizations along with “cases” it will be interesting to see if they

categorize them Vaxxed or not vaxxed ?

Will we begin to see Immune Enhanced Severe Disease in the vaxxed population ?

My guess is Not yet…summer is coming and UV rays kill this sucker !

But Fall…thats the time to watch.