The new math

The WHO has stated that for every covid “case” detected there are about 10 not detected.

Today in the US there were 200,000 “cases” diagnosed by PCR Tests Today in the US the total number of new cases was 2 Million .That’s amazing. Good thing we are all wearing masks eh ?

(Aside..Today in the US Trump killed 2,000 patients)

But this is about cases :
There have now been 12 Million PCR diagnosed “cases’ as of today
That means 120 Million Americans have had Covid .
There are about 340 Million people in the US …so 220 Million have not had IT yet

At 2 million cases a day EVERYBODY ..Man Woman (and all the other Genders) and child will have had the covid experience in 110 days.

This is much better than vaccination and much easier to distribute >>>Get out there and get your covid and contribute to the cause .

So on March 1 after the last “Case” we can stop testing and counting and we can stop worrying and we can stop masking and distancing and disinfecting and start the party

Woooohooooo….pass it on