Most Entertaining and Informative Covid Related Show on the Net !

This one has some interesting Controversy….To Say the Least

1 hour mark Del addresses his Critic ( Rosemary Frei) vis a vis Geert Vanden Bosche.

Very IMPORTANT….must watch….MUST !

New Geert Video… he says the innate immune system is brilliant and must not be tampered with !

He also says there are New Treatments that work…IVERMECTIN !

Powerful new Geert Video !

Geert is NOT on the Bad Guys Side…He is a Whistleblower…

Seriously this Del Bigtree Piece in this Highwire Episode starting a t 1 hour is a must watch .

There are High Powered Scientists in this Field on Both sides of the discussion

IMHO this is the most important discussion in World History !