This Nobel Prize Winning Physicist who actually is still alive is one respected scientist who has had the courage to refute Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

This suffice to say is the ultimate heresy in the Scientific Community . IF Einstein’s Theory is wrong then the whole of Scientific “Discovery ” since the time of Copernicus in the 1500s is at best “wrong” and at worst a Fraud !

I got his name from the Documentary I posted last week …a 2 hr and 40 minute EPIC, albeit difficult to follow for laymen like myself . The pertinent section starts at 2 hours ( at 2hr 25 minutes we get the Newest Theory and understanding of Gravity…hint it is not what we have been led to believe ! holy Fookeroony )

. It turns out that IF you take the experiments done by the Physicist Michaelson and his various Partners in 1887 and 1925 and the subsequent hundreds of similar experiments done to confirm ( ALL confirmed ) at real face value…The Speed of Light is NOT Constant ….because there is an as yet unknown substance that is the Glue of the Universe called the Ether. The Michaelson Experiments unequivocally PROVE the Ether exists . Einstein admitted that if any experiment proved the existence of an Ether his theory of Relativity which is the FOUNDATION of what we “Know” about the universe is WRONG…Einstein Proponents who include just about EVERY notable Physicist and Scientist to have ever lived ) including Michaelson ) CHOSE to Ignore the Michaelson Experiments BECAUSE to accept their conclusion is to accept that the EARTH is Stationary and the Solar System revolves around the Earth…The only Conclusion Possible is THE EARTH IS THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE …as the Ancient Scientists “Proved” with their own eyes and with their own rudimentary experiments and calculations…It Turns out “Modern Man” has been WRONG and Ptolemy ( circa year 100 ) had it Right all along . )

I find this fascinating because it is truly the same mentality that is trying to deny us Reality to this day…specifically wrt Covid et al.

The Science Proves over and over and over the existence of the Ether AND near the end Einstein himself capitulated and acknowledged that…BUT the Model of the Universe was and is so entrenched that general acknowledgment of this fact completely discredits ALL science from the 16th Century ON …So hardly anyone will accept the Truth exposed in these repeated experiments

The Documentary Concludes that the Theory of General Relativity NEEDS to accept as gospel that the vast spaces between the celestial bodies in the universe and indeed the vast spaces beween the nuclei and electrons within atoms are NOTHING…that is to say No THING is there BUT this on its surface is absurd . There can Be NO NOTHING in an observable universe . By its very definition EVERYTHING must be Something . Crazy shit …BUT we have been conned by Einstein and his Flock !

Here is what this Nobel Prize winning Physicist has to say about Science based on his encounter with the Einstein Defenders

Robert Laughlin