We know this virus is a scam.

There is enough evidence and facts in the public domain to prove that beyond any reasonable doubt..

Why would they do this? And who are they?

They = the Fed (a private organisation)

Why = to finish off what the Fed started in 1913 (the end game)

End game = to own it all and to be the global lender and financier of last resort

He who controls the money, has the power.

Their end game strategy:

First ensure that all world leaders are bought and paid for and are their puppets.

Second, use their puppets to destroy economies from the ground up by a controlled demolition (in this case using the scam-demic as the cover move), thereby wiping out small business and their middle class owners. In parallel to the controlled demolition of the real economy, provide unlimited liquidity to the mega corporate organisations/bankers and start buying up corporate debt and mortgages, with the eventual aim to own it all, when corporates and mortgages default during the planned crash of the financial markets.

Third, implement social discord, so that society is in a state of fear and chaos and fighting each other, to distract their attention from the great deception. Accelerate destruction of small business owners, and hence the middle class, funding proxy militias, like Antifa and BLM.

Fourth, Crash the Financial Markets after every retail investor has bought the highs. This wipes out all the retail investors, all the 401Ks of the middle class and is the final nail in the coffin for the middle class. Fed and their bank-ster mates buy everything back for cents in the dollar, after shorting from the highs. Then when the people beg for it, implement a reset of the system, but in favor of the Fed, not society. The CBDC (central bank digital currency) will be a part of this reset. Society will beg for this, on their hands and knees, thinking it will get them out of their misery. But it will only make matters worse as the ex-middle class become slaves via magic money trees (MMT).

The bought leaders get their big payday for getting the middle classes on food stamps. This is why its irrelevant who wins in any election. They are ALL puppets of the Fed, having been bought and paid for. And why I do not care who wins this forthcoming election, as the end game result will be the same…maybe delayed if Trump wins, or accelerated if Biden wins. But either way, its the same end game result, as they are both bought and paid for puppets of the Fed.

How can the trader/investor play the Fed at their own game, to actually profit from and to hedge against this great deception, whilst the middle classes get destroyed? This will be a topic of a later post. Its not what you think.

If a trader/investor wants to get something out of this Fed wolf pack … need to think and act like a wolf!