And you know what else I think ?

I think no matter what happens as a result of this massive fraud …both Politically and Scientifically..outright massive in your face fraud…no matter the outcome…it has served to give rebirth

A rebirth of the idea of common decency and moral codes and ethics and personal responsibility

Something we have lost along the way…Something we may have forgotten to tech our children

Something we have either been afraid to or just got too busy to fight for preserve and stand for.

These 2 Stories have served to awaken the sleeping , silent majority to the fact there is massive evil overunning our institutions because slowly but surely we let it happen,

Prosperity breeds Complacency.

But these Entities have been so blatantly in your face …they have brazenly come out of the dark where they incubate ( like locusts) and emerged into full broad daylight

They have served to help coalesce a huge new Alliance …You could see them coming out at Trump Rallies before and now after the “Vote”

We are a diverse group of good decent law abiding freedom loving citizens who have taken for granted our liberties

We are the NO MORE SILENT Majority.

We come from all walks of life… , White Collar . Blue Collar and Unemployed , Professional

We come from Every Race from Black to Brown to Yellow to Red and White

We come from every religion from Catholic to Judaism to Muslim to Evangelical Christian and to Atheism and More.

We are now the AWAKEN Majority Coalition FOR Freedom and Honesty and Transparency and Common Decency .

Thank you to the Marxist “Coalition” who has Woken us UP.

We are an Unstoppable Force when we are galvanized IMHO and we have never been Galvanized in a way like this

The Empire Strikes Back !

The Pendulum Stops here !