Lest we forget amidst the Who done it shit flinging over the Hospital Parking Lot

The real story is the PsyOp….The overwhelming Concensus here at the Tent ( vis a vis the previous poll)…THIS WAS A PSYOP BY ISRAEL AND WHOMEVER THEIR MASTERS ARE.

AND …I am pretty sure their masters are the same people who ordered the Israeli Government and Health departments to stand down while they Jabbed the hell out of their Captured Population.

Are the Israeli People Evil and Merciless , Are the Palestinian People ?

We KNOW who the Evil Ones are….The same folks who have brought us Ukraine and 911 and WW1 and WW2

The Deep State , Military Industrial Complex , Cretinic AND SATANISTIC Vermin From Hell.

This 1 hr Video shows it clearly

…Warning Very disturbing in parts…you may want to skip these…but this is Eye Opening and a Must watch ( unfortunately) .


thanks Daniel

I would go as far as to say that after watching this I am compelled to beleive that Satan Himself Created and Controls Israel ( and the jewish and muslim people who call it home ) CONTROL…every phase of it to the Nth Degree .

As the excellent presenter states

“It’s almost Insane to beleive there is no longer an agenda for Powerful entities to acquire Complete World Domination since it is clear from all recorded human history that there has always been such

The only question remains…Who are the people TODAY who are aiming for Complete World Domination ?”