Fully’s Comment

“Organized” Religions…ALL OF THEM…are a scam akin to all the other scams we have endured for decades … make that Centuries . Hardly any Religious “Leaders” save for a few brave pastors who were persecuted and jailed…dared to speak out or act out against these Murderous Jabs and Lockdowns …even when they were “forced” to close their doors while Liquer Stores and Pot Shops were wide Open.
For the most part they all joined the Chorus and strongly advocated for the shots. .

Who needs an cowardly hypocritical intermediary to TELL YOU what to do and how to do it. This shit is nothing more than Another way to Control…It has ALWAYS been about Control…YOU are too dumb and sinful to know in your own heart what is right and what is wrong…YOU need to repent and Your Church Mosque Synagog “leader” will be there (if you give money…always give money) to guide and forgive you…Fuck that ( Blashphemy ? you bet ) Fuck them all. A huge % are pedos anyway.

….Just like we have been learning to Be Your Own Doctor ( as best you can ) and IF you consult a Doctor…do it with a critical and questioning eye…..IMHO we also need to be our own Spiritual “Leader”

…By all means practice your Spiritual beliefs Jesus, Buddah, Krishna , Yaweh, Mohammed , Bob Marley…whatever it may be…But do your own due dilligence…There is a great Video on the sidebar for instance which explains in lay terms what Jesus actually advocated for rather than the Christian Spiritual leaders warped interpretation of what he advocated for….and the bastardization of his simple message down through the ages > Start about 1/2 way through

The “Born Again Christians by and large are doing this as far as I understand..they eschew any of the deranged “denominations”…each of which has their own bastardized interpretations and rules that you can “buy” by joining the clan if you are too lazy to read the Bible and get what you can out of it .