“I am Not Going to let my patients die over politics”


Dr. Brian Tyson

Does this doctor seem like he is lying ?
You be the Judge

For me he is the new Superstar of this Whole Pandemania

5 minutes you wont regret spending


We don’t need no stinking Vaccine
We don’t need no spit infested masks
We don’t need to stay 6 feet apart
We don’t need to be afraid to touch eachother.
We don’t need no Covidiot Public Health Queens to tell us what we can and cannot do
We don’t need to lock down businesses and destroy lives.
Pass this one on if you care about anyone !

Must Go Viral to stop the Viral madness !

For some this is hard to believe ( mostly because it is Trump’s Drug) but many solid studies by world wide respected doctors and scientists have proven HCQ Zinc and Zithromax are the cure for Covid.

All the studies purported to show it doesn’t work ..have been retracted by the publications they were published in….as they were fraudulent.

$Billions have been spent in search of a vaccine . There is incentive from Pharma Companies to suppress this information…obviously.

HCQ is 10 cents a pill.

Countries that promote this treatment have by far the fewer complications and deaths. Plaquenil used in Africa ( its over the counter) to prevent malaria and there are NO countries in Africa that have had bad numbers .

Also a 200 mg tablet of HCQ ( Plaquenil ) 2 x a week is a proven prophylactic.

I have a small stockpile of all 3 of these medicines …just so you all know.

Thank you Jim !