Data gathered by Gallup and YouGov suggests that somewhere between 80-90 percent of Americans have been faithfully wearing masks as decreed by their local governments, and yet COVID-19 is still spreading. Perhaps this “solution” is not actually one, and is contributing to the problem?

The same goes for lockdowns, which not only were never proven to help but are actually now being shown to make it worse. Why, then, are Americans still being told to stay at home? And even more importantly, why are Americans still obeying the government sociopaths that are telling them to do it?

None of what is happening is constitutional, and all it would take to correct the tyranny is for a few good men and women to do something about it. The question is: Will they?

“For younger people, the lockdowns are so harmful, so deadly, there’s really no good justification,” warned Stanford University‘s Jay Bhattacharya, who would seem to agree that the governments all across our nation are doing things wrong