From The Hearst Collection Tonite


This game is looking more and more like a Diabolical Chinese Comey Plot.

A very successful one none the less.

Must read.


If this is true ..there is NO such thiNg as Covid-19

I challenge anyone to find a hole in this argument.


Notice all countries have been seeing an escalation in cases….except for China which has had almost none for months.

Notice No other region in China other than Hubei had even any “cases” to speak of …even during the height of the “epidemic”

Notice the WHO praised them for being pro active and completely smothering the virus through draconian lockdowns.

Notice their economy is back on track …far more so than anywhere else in the World.

Notice Wuhan is back to normal.

No Social Distancing nor mandatory masks as evidenced by this huge bash at a water park recently.

We have been HAD !