“Younger people vote left, older people vote right.
That’s been the stereotype and conventional wisdom for quite some time.
And, there is a lot of truth to it.”

“Over the past two years, Canadians have been subjected to some of the most stringent restrictions, lockdowns, and mandates in the world. This has been a massive assault on all of our freedoms, and has had a terrible impact on young people, with missed opportunities to gather, missed life experiences, and a sense of isolation and atomization that is incredibly destructive to mental health.

Further, this was all done even though the relative risk to young people from Covid is quite low, especially compared to older individuals.”



This is a very interesting turn of events. The Liberal Gestapo has driven away their Base..en mass

They are in Ottawa…en mass…having the time of their lives..Its one giant Block Party for the Young…and they are loving their freedom..No masks no distancing ..no elbow bumps

Just breathing in the Cold Canadian Air and sharing Communal Prepared Food…Being happy …making new friends from every region in the country and every background…It’s a Love in that no one who participates in will ever forget .

And on the other side are the Libtards who hate to see them free and having fun….worrying about superspreading while cases and hospitalizations Tumble in Ottawa

THIS reaction was Predictable…Fucking Old Scared shitless Boomers like Meal Young and Friends

demand young people with Zero Risk..risk it ALL for THEM !

Fuck That Already…these Kids have had enough and it turned in an Instant ! Thank You Castreau for reading the room so ass backward …and Starting a Riot .

This Freedom movement is not lead by Old farts like us here at the tent..although we Strongly encourage and cheer them on and offer financial support…

The Truckers and Supporters are generally 20 to 50 give or take and they have had 2 of their PRIME years taken away from them and have been encouraged to live in fear and be “Good” neighbors and do whats necessary to save grandma

But Now even MSM has come out and Said 90% of PCR tests were false so quarantines were false

Masks Do not and never did “Work”

Lockdowns did Zero to prevent disease but did everything to destroy the Joy if Living

It’s Not surprising that this group has decided enough is enough . This is FANTASTIC as we now have 2 whole new Generations who will be Freedom Lovers for the rest of their lives …having lived through the most egregious and unnecessary loss of liberty in History

You could not have had a better education for these folks than to have lived through this Globalist Initiated Tyranny

Don’t it Always Seem to Go…that You Don’t Know What You’ve Lost till its Gone !

Go get Him Kids !

I’ll be surprised if Castreau is NOT castrated soon

He does NOT represent anything “Liberal ” He represents Globalists Interests which are all about CONTROL…There is Nothing “Liberal” in Control …Castreau is a LINO ..Liberal In name Only
Off with his Jewels

It’s now up to his peers in the “Liberal” caucus to eject him and get back to their “Liberal” roots

If not they will all be castrated at the Polls sooner than later