Haven’t had one in the USA for a Long time !

Should be good for a few Bucks in Gold 🙂


I am going to get political here…we do this once in a while ( never during trading days)

Lets face it Trump Supporters …(I was happy he won …because of the alternative)…but …lets face it…he really is an Idiot !

He is taking on the NFL now…..First Hollywood…now the NFL ! ( National Football League for you non US Centric folks)….The NFL is more popular than God in the USA…The players are super heros…don’t piss them off !

These are two vey popular pastimes / obsessions in the USA….Hollywood and Pro Football. ..He’s an idiot !

right now I am watching the Sunday Night Football Game National Anthem…all the Okland players are disrespecting it sitting down and nealing and the fans are jeering…while the Home team which ironically is the Washington Redskins….oh my 30 possible cities hosting the Sunday Night Game ( ALL eyes on Washington )…but the home team players stood arms linked and standing…

this is going to be a FIGHT..pass the pretzels