The Cat Man Deserves Our Attention : IMHO we need to reflect upon this !

it’s a fascinating case study. in december, 14 people in the US were worried about ukraine and only 9 of them could find it on a map. now it’s a national media obsession. a few months ago, most knew the ukraine government were despotic and corrupt and in a number of cases actual, bone fide neo nazis. now they are our oldest friend and staunch defenders of freedom

stop adopting strong views on topics where you have little knowledge.

learn to say “i don’t know” and to keep an open mind. choosing a side of a debate before having a real familiarity with the facts is the enemy of understanding. it’s emotionally easy, especially in and around “charged” topics, but this is all the more reason to resist such tendencies.

always pause and ask: am i rushing to decision/opinion closure? why am i so outraged about some thing i just heard about? is it even real/true/important?


1….stop adopting strong views on topics where you have little knowledge. accept that you may not know and perhaps more important that pretending that you know when you do not makes you easy to manipulate and dominate. “i’m still making up my mind” is the only rational stance when faced with that you are unfamiliar.

2…..think for yourself and learn to know when you you know enough to make choices or hold strong views. make this an actual practice. ask yourself the direct question: “how would i know that i knew enough about this topic to justify having a strong opinion?” if you have no standard for such, you’re extremely vulnerable to leaping to error and the simple habit of establishing such standards makes you far more difficult to fool.

3……err on the side of respecting rights, the agency of others, and non-involvement. more so than any other, this will keep you out of trouble. it’s only your business when you make it your business. that’s a choice. make it with deliberation and consideration, not as a knee jerk reflex to emotionally loaded stimuli. that’s what separates the adult from the child and the citizen from the mob.