“This is a post on how we might get out of this, and the first point is simple: However dark things look right now, we will get out of this. That is non-negotiable. You should never do their work for them by despairing of an end. It is supposed to seem hopeless. They manage the seeming of things, much more than the reality of them, and they work very hard to portray all resistance as futile. Probably more messaging resources go into casting the containment regime as invulnerable and undeterred, than anything else. This is important to them precisely because they’re not invulnerable.

Dissent, therefore—even of the kind I engage in here—has a purpose. It is not just words, and it is not mere preaching to the choir. We have to sow doubt among true believers and ridicule the official line at every opportunity, but we also have to create a broader cultural space that is more interesting and more dynamic and more explanatory than their flat, boring world of interconnected largely false doctrines preserved in amber. Here the advantage lies wholly with us

The pervasive propaganda means many true believers on our side are intimidated into silence, while many false cynical followers on their side must always be goaded into miming sincerity. We want the true believers and their allies to be increasingly intellectually isolated, left on an island of absurd beliefs all by themselves. The more they seem out-of-touch, bizarre, and uncool, the more we are succeeding in this project. Here we have had substantial success already: Have a look at containment Twitter and see for yourself. It is nothing but a collection of the most unappealing, ridiculous, embarrassing people you could ever imagine. You would never want to be seen in public with any of them. They are a mess. We must have more of this.