The one everybody is in a panic about.. The Deranged MUTANT Killer Variant !

“However, the mutations in the variant help it enter cells more easily — which means if someone, says, breathes in a lungful of air that has virus particles in it, those particles are going to be more likely to infect some cells in the sinuses or lungs rather than bouncing off harmlessly. The worrisome changes enhance the spike protein that the virus uses to attach to cells, meaning people are more likely to become infected by an exposure.”

So people need to try harder to prevent spread until vaccination can be sped up.
“In order to interrupt transmission, we are going to need higher rates of what we do to slow transmission,” Armstrong said. “We are going to need to pay more attention to wearing masks. And we will need to increase vaccine coverage.”

Has been fizzling. Does This Chart bear this “ass certation out ?

We have a England Variant too….spreads super fast !


Fauci says even so, there’s an extra cushion of immunity caused by vaccination. It gives some wiggle room. “The good news is the vaccines as they exist now still would be effective against the mutants. The sobering news … as you get more and more replication, you can get more and more of evolution of mutants, which means you always got to be a step ahead of it,” Fauci told CNN on Monday

It truly is the surprise of my lifetime that the majority of people believe this guy is authentic.

Truly a reflection of the dumbing down of Humanity .

Evolution has been reversed…These people are becoming more Neanderthal like …Dumb and Aggressive

every day.