This guy is Great : Here is a snip from a Study I was Unaware of : Not Surprising but Stunning Nonetheless

Don’t read this if you are driving


? The delicate public health geniuses have done it again. By “done it,” I mean they’ve managed to fumble the main objective and haplessly kick the ball into the exact opposite result of anything anybody ever wanted.

I am referring to a new study out of Northeastern University. The researchers surveyed more than 20,000 folks across all 50 states, and asked them about their masking habits and injection status. They also asked folks about how much they “trust” various institutions. Here’s what they found about masks and injections:

..10% of respondents were uninjected and don’t wear masks. Rebels.

.. 19% were uninjected and do wear their masks. I’m guessing it’s workplace regulations.

…11% of the folks reported they got the jabs and now don’t wear masks.

.. But 60% of all respondents — the largest group, by far — said they were injected but STILL WEAR MASKS. How about that?

Most of them (82%) were democrats, so political affiliation seems to be a strong predictor for obsessive masking. The researchers also said this group skewed toward higher income levels. So.

Now check this out. The researchers asked, “how concerned are you about getting coronavirus yourself?”


In the unmasked+uninjected group, only 17% said they were “very” or “somewhat” concerned about catching the virus.

In the unmasked+injected group, only 36% were very or somewhat concerned about getting the disease.


In the masked+uninjected group, 62% were VERY or somewhat concerned about catching Covid.

But the group reporting the highest fear of catching Covid, by far, was the masked+injected group. THREE QUARTERS (74%) of them expressed concern about getting the disease. In other words, masked+injected people are FOUR TIMES more worried about GETTING COVID than other groups.

Do you see what this means? A clear majority of folks who got the shots don’t believe they are protective enough to take off their masks, and they STILL worry about catching Covid. And they’re clinging to those masks, despite that they’ve been told, over and over, that the masks don’t protect THEM. The fact that they think the masks protect them somehow is a fantasy completely disconnected from reality.

So. Paranoia, schizophrenia, etc. Thanks, public health experts!

If these folks won’t take their masks off after getting the injections, what is it going to take? Maybe when the CDC tells them it’s okay? A full 85% of the masked/injected bunch reported that they trusted that agency “a lot” or “some.” Gosh I would love to interview these folks and ask them what the CDC did to earn their trust. I know it would probably just frustrate me, but I am dying to know.

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