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This is a neat technical explanation of how the mRNA Vaccines work …complete with exquisite diagrams

Not everyone’s cup of tea but for those with an apatite for understanding the cause and effect of these genetic altering chemicals it is worth the time .

Really Incredible how our bodies work at the cellular level

Dr. Michael Palmer and Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi on Japanese animal study of Pfizer vaccine

BUT the Bottom line is really THE point here.

“Pfizer’s animal data clearly presaged the following risks and dangers:
• blood clotting shortly after vaccination, potentially leading to heart attacks,
stroke, and venous thrombosis
• grave harm to female fertility
• grave harm to breastfed infants
• cumulative toxicity after multiple injections
With the exception of female fertility, which can simply not be evaluated within the
short period of time for which the vaccines have been in use, all of the above risks
have been substantiated since the vaccines have been rolled out—all are manifest in
the reports to the various adverse event registries [9]. Those registries also contain
a very considerable number of reports on abortions and stillbirths shortly after
vaccination, which should have prompted urgent investigation.
We must emphasize again that each of these risks could readily be inferred from
the cited limited preclinical data, but were not followed up with appropriate indepth investigations. In particular, the clinical trials did not monitor any laboratory
parameters that could have provided information on these risks, such as those
related to blood coagulation (e.g. D-dimers/thrombocytes), muscle cell damage (e.g.
troponin/creatine kinase), or liver damage (e.g. ?-glutamyltransferase). That the
various regulatory agencies granted emergency use authorization based on such
incomplete and insufficient data amounts to nothing less than gross negligence.
Of particularly grave concern is the very slow elimination of the toxic cationic
lipids. In persons repeatedly injected with mRNA vaccines containing these lipids—
be they directed against COVID, or any other pathogen or disease—this would result
in cumulative toxicity. There is a real possibility that cationic lipids will accumulate
in the ovaries. The implied grave risk to female fertility demands the most urgent
attention of the public and of the health authorities.
Since the so-called clinical trials were carried out with such negligence, the real
trials are occurring only now—on a massive scale, and with devastating results.

This vaccine, and others, are often called “experimental.” Calling off this failed
experiment is long overdue. Continuing or even mandating the use of this poisonous
vaccine, and the apparently imminent issuance of full approval for it are crimes
against humanity.”

These Brave Immunologists are pulling no punches