Proud Pakistani-Like Greetings!

My days were very full while touring Turkey, so I never had time to deal with any of the photos from those jam-packed two weeks. While out exploring Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains, I left my computer in Dushanbe because, in addition to not wanting to take it out in such rough conditions, I knew there would not be any time for processing photos, even if we happened to arrive in a village that had electricity. As a result, none of the photos from my two months in Tajikistan have yet been processed.

For a few days this past week, I stayed in a place in northern Pakistan that had electricity, which is not a given in remote villages. Despite its small population, this village has dependable hydro power. I took advantage of some quiet time there to process photos. It seemed appropriate to try to keep up with the current travels, so I decided to skip over Turkey and Tajikistan for now. No doubt it will be quite a while before I get to dealing with those photos.

Following are links to two new galleries from the past nine days of varied and beautiful autumn weather in Pakistan’s Hindu Kush:

-going further north:

-Yarkhun Valley:


So many of the people I’ve been witnessing and visiting with are certainly poor in terms of money, but they are rich in spirit, maybe richer than most.

Wherever you are, stay warm, be happy and know how very rich you are!


GBs comment before the photo gallery …must be reposted

In such remote villages, life is hard and the people are poor, but they are not poor in spirit. Amazingly, many of the people know at least a few words of English (how much Urdu do you know?) The people who do know a bit of English seem to ask me all the same questions:

-Are you alone?
-Are you afraid?
-Are you married? Why not?!
-Do you have children? Why not?!

Since arriving in Pakistan, I have encountered no other Americans or Europeans. I don’t know how many foreigners travel in Pakistan annually, but the feeling is that I’m the only foreigner here at the moment. No doubt part of the reason is it’s getting late in the year, which means it gets cold and might snow in the mountains. Autumn is one of my four favorite seasons, so I’m happy for the cold nights. I’m also happy to have this beautiful, dynamic and interesting country all to myself!

Fully’s comment :

Doesn’t appear to be any “Gender” Confusion in this class eh ?