LAST AMERICAN VAGABOND –> 1 hour 50 minutes –>

Available in both video and podcast format …………….  ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING!!!!!

Don’t skip the last 30 minutes on psychology……truly amazing on behalf of doctors in general………..


Financial tidbit – 44 minute mark — NIH engineered the Moderna Vaccine & each member of the NIH team involved now receives an extra $150K/year from Moderna royalties — this is IN ADDITION to all of the funds that are flowing back into the NIH annual budget from the Moderna Royalty.

Comment –> this is a HUGE conflict of interest situation as the NIH is one of the organizations that has to approve new drugs to combat Covid-19. They disqualified the use of Ivermectin which has turned out to be a cure for COVID as per the research of Dr. Kory and many others — thus there is a monetary incentive for every member of the NIH team to ensure that no other treatments get approved that would slow down or stop the Moderna mRNA Vaccine Distribution.  It is unlawful for vaccines of any kind to be approved for use if there is a known treatment for the disease that essentially fixes same.