Lead by Substack . Substack is a phenomena !

Lets call this the BIGGEST Win for Free Speech and Journalism in History

This is an example of what is meant by “Parallel Polis” that Steve Turley Talks about all the time .

Those that Never Had a Voice NOW can show their stuff on Substack and free market capitalism takes over from there. If they are GOOD …and so many of them are …they can make a LOT more money directly from their fans and subscribers without having to work for the disgustingly reprehensible CONTROLLED by Gov’t and BIG Advertisers . …formerly know as Main Stream Media …which is dying a slow painful GLORIOUS death ..

Substack and Patreon and Private Bloggers and Alternate media Sites like Brownstone and WND and Slay and Rebel news and True North and dozens of others we all know here are EATING their Lunch .

This article below Highlights 3 former Lefty Journalists from The New York Times ( etc) who flew the coup when they saw what was happening to “Journalism” …Matt Taibbi , Glen Greenwold and Bari Weiss .

LOOK at how much $s these Excellent Journalists are making now on Substack…It has now become VERY Lucrative to be an honest Journalist ! WOW 30,000 PAID SUBSCRIBERS AT ABOUT $5 A MONTH

And the article doesn’t even discuss the likes of Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson Neil Oliver Dr John Campbell and Russel Brand and many others who have MILLIONS of Followers on their Blogs

All this while the likes of CNN CBS MSNBC New York Times CBC et al are suffering massive lay offs because they cannot compete anymore . These “legacy” media outlets have Huge expenses and dwindling audiences and therefore dwindling revenue…Likely only staying afloat because of Government handouts and Big Pharma Kickbacks…meanwhile all these Substackers have near ZERO expenses and all the incentive in the world to write interesting informative and well researched articles …without ANYONE to be beholding to except their subscribers.

THIS …is the most encouraging and beautiful thing to have come about in the last 3 years…and it is happening FAST !

Citizen Journalism is alive and very well and we are all the better for it . For $5 a month you can pick and choose from an ever growing myriad of brilliant people who would otherwise have been religated to obscurity had it not been for the Fuck up that is know as Legacy Media …

Here is the Article


PS…”They” keep trying to Control the narrative and censor people and control the search engines etc…BUT it’s like herding cats….Absolutely Futile….Even the TURD”S Internet control legislation will be completely toothless…all one needs is a url to a website and who cares if You have to look harder with google to find it…you can just uses Yandex or other alt search engines…or just use a VPN and completely bypass the Turd’s efforst to direct you to HIS kind of news