Why Are Healthcare Workers Declining the Vaccine?
When pondering why healthcare workers would refuse the COVID-19 vaccine—why they would be willing to lose their job if it becomes mandatory—journalist Eric Starkman proclaims, “it makes me wonder what they possibly know that I don’t.” According to Starkman, “Common sense suggests to me these employees would be lining up to get jabbed, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.”

Indeed, it is not the case. UncoverDC has reported extensively on the controversial experimental COVID-19 “gene-therapy drug.” WebMD reports that one in four hospital workers dealing directly with patients remains unvaccinated, and at the 50 largest hospitals, that number is one in three. Commenting that “groupthink is not a good thing in medicine,” Starkman remarked:

If I knew one in three airplane manufacturing employees refused to fly on Boeing’s 737 Max, I wouldn’t go near the aircraft, regardless of it getting FDA certification. Forcing healthcare workers to accept medical treatments they feel are ill-advised sends a bad message. If healthcare workers aren’t allowed to act on what they believe are their best medical interests, they are being conditioned to remain silent about patient treatments their experience and observation tells them are harmful.

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