Someone please Tell A. Fauchi….we’re there yet !

The Fabled Herd Immunity is here and now ! Wooohooo

Who sez so ? The American Red Cross says so…and they know blood !

They test all donated blood for anti bodies ( and they don’t differentiate that vaccine antibodies are the good ones but natural antibodies are bad…THEY’RE ALL GOOD


But seriously this quote from the article below posted by K2 is eye opening….pass it on

In practical terms, blood centers have only limited access to donated blood that has not in some way been affected by covid. Based on samples, Katz estimated that as much as 60% to 70% of the blood currently being donated is coming from vaccinated donors. Overall, more than 90% of current donors have either been infected with covid or vaccinated against it, said Dr. Michael Busch, director of the Vitalant Research Institute, who is monitoring antibody levels in samples from the U.S. blood supply.

β€œLess than 10% of the blood we collect does not have antibodies,” Busch noted.

And Busch Knows Blood πŸ™‚


Hey wait a minute ! I though they didn’t have an antibody test for the antibodies the vaccine “makes”

Looks like it’s the same test as they give the unvaxxed

SOOOO….screw vaccine passports…just do antibody tests on anyone who applies for a passport

What if some people are vaxxed and dont get antibodies…you are not safe around them and you don’t know who they are…it’s not 100% effective you know…they were hoping for 95% …now it looks like it starts at 60% or so and drops fast from there.

So a vaccine passport says what ? I am double vaxxed….how long do you want this passport to be good for. Every passport has a end date on it….what’s the deal here 3 months ? 4 6 12 ? 2weeks …?..

This Passport shit is ridiculous…You are measuring what ? in whom ? You are granting the wrong people access to mass event .

Proof of IMMUNITY Not Proof of Vaccine is what we are looking for right ?

You can also throw in a T cell test ( much more rare but they exist)

What we really want to know is if YOU have an anti virus program installed !

We don’t really care if you got stabbed in the arm twice .

As it is you are certifying people into mass events and large gatherings (while excluding the trash who won’t do what they’re told ) even though the CDC admitted on Liberal TV that Vaxxed people still get infected and still spread .

So this is good…Keep all the vaxxed together to silently infect eachother and keep them the hell away from me . I’ll hang with people who have a life when they are well and stay in when they’re under the weather . If someone is unvaxxed and well..they are NOT sick so they have nothing nefarious to share.

This isn’t rocket science