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PT : Maybe TA really is useless in a small, thinly traded market like the gold stocks.



? January 29, 2018 – 7:40 pm at 7:40 pm (Edit)

Gather Yourself Sir PT

TA in the Gold market tends to be better than in most markets IMO

Its the Emotions that are “useless” not the TA

But Unless you are Spock Like you’re doomed to fits of emotional trading

….we all…( goldophiles)…. tend to be overly emotional and impatient.

All we can do is take a look at the charts rationally. Trying not to get too emotionally Invested .

The real pattern has yet to reveal itself.

It always comes back to the same things.

Are you a Trader in a Bull market or are you an Investor in a Bull Market ?

If the former then you are a concerned long here at least….starting to sell….but beware the whiplash..

If the Later …you are buying this dip.

Some do both ….buy and hold some / trade some.

Good Luck and stay tuned to the tent , for some of the best original TA on the Planet.