Below $800

Damn it Doris. I TOLD You to sell your mothers jewlery !

This is seriously NOT Good




Bob is Off his Meds

$1200 Approaching

I don’t know how many stop losses are set at that figure, but a spike below $1200 ($1195?) would make perfect sense to me. It would be perfect if we want to see $1400+ by the end of the year. Long term indicators are hitting rock bottom lows which gives a very high probability of a reversal. I’m going to stick my neck out and say that we will reverse upwards, convincingly before the end of next week and close the month above that lower bull market uptrend line. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll be very surprised and contemplating a return to bear market lows. It’s all about probability for me. Having examined all of the evidence I can find, I would place the odds at around 90% for a bullish resolution. All we can do now is watch and wait.


A while ago I found a cycle in the Dollar Chart which is quite consistant.

I don’t know if I ever posted it

It is a 18 month cycle. Sure looks like an uptrend.

What do you all Make of this ?

Did Somebody Say “Currencies ?”

This is a Blockbuster / Epic Piece of Work by Rambus…for Tonites Wednesday Report

Alas : For Members



If this point breaches. Next stop 2000…I have a YANG buy stop at 66.50 to enter…

SSRM – Breakout out attempt coming? or another rejection.


Why Will It Be Different This Time ?