GDXJ, GDX – Weekly ACC/DIST Patterns

What are these charts are suggesting? You decide.

GDXJ Weekly – accumulation/distribution pattern.

GDX Weekly – accumulation/distribution pattern.

UUP – Daily

Using UUP as a proxy for $USD. For those who were wondering which trend line would be the first to break – the upper T line of blue channel (ST bullish?) or the lower T line of the black channel (bearish) – it looks like we may have our answer. Because its only one day so far, the break out is not confirmed.

China is rolling over…

XOP Daily…

Appears time for DRIP: 5 minute XOP went BEAR Friday…

BitCoin Update


BitCoin (GBTC) update

Junior Miner Junky Weekly Kitco Op-Ed

Copper or Silver

IMO Gold is money end of story. Debate later if need be lol.

My question to the tent is/or has has Copper replaced Silver as the second most useful metal?

Peasants are unloading physical $Silver am I right (Old dudes subsidizing there retirement cheques)? Cheap Investors maybe buying as a proxy for $Gold but not out pacing the sellers of physical $Silver?

IMO $Silver & $Copper are just industrial metals and $Copper far out weighs the usefulness of $Silver maybe?

Any opinions Gold Tenters?

I tested this theory dumped my Silver miners and rolled into Copper miners – the jury is still out IMO but I think the Silver miners just barley outpaced the Copper miners? I know stacking Copper is not relevant I’m talking Copper miners here.

Appreciate all thoughts Good Bad or Indifferent……


Another Market Myth Challenged by Rambus

All interest rates Trending UP

Just the combo chart for 30yr,10,5, 2 and 3 month Tbills.


The daily diamond is still in play so far. A close above the upper line will confirm. With the weekly RSI positive divergence and 3 month Libor-OIS, it looks like we’ll get a breakout next week.

Diamond in the $USD rough