Posted this oil chart last year but posting it again to show the most recent COT…getting a little crazy. Exxon also has a possible H&S under construction. Has anyone heard if the Aramco IPO has a date attached to it yet? It feels like that ipo will mark a top in oil. Just guessing tho.


Oil fork has a nice fit. Last one is Gold oil ratio. Not real sure which pattern will play out there so I labeled both



Trump admin announced solar tariffs this afternoon. First Solar(FSLR) shot up to $73.xx after hours (not reflected on chart), but this monthly chart is now looking mighty nice. If FSLR can finish the month over $72.50 monthly resistance, there isn’t much between that and $100. By the way, the substitute for solar (oil) just got a lot more expensive recently 🙂 .


Possible count for gold. We failed to make a new high and the price action looks corrective.

Target for the pullback: 1303.5 (38.2%), 1290.7 (50%), 1277.9 (61.8%) or more.

Just a week before the FOMC seems logical.   Project, Monitor, Adjust …


Selective silver stocks performance,AXR.TO,EXN.TO,dv.V,bbb.v,USA.TO,SVM.TO,GPR.TO,SIL.V,MGG.V,ABRA.V,DEF.V|C|

Brixton Metals and Minaurum strong again today, I guess due to investors seeing potential for big silver discoveries by both companies.

Dolly Varden advanced too, but this was due to promotion  by Pinnacle Digest

A sinking EU? I hope so! immagini per breaking eu pic

As JenkinsLane wrote answering to my comment regarding the split of the euro on the Schism post:

I doubt that would happen. If the Euro split into a Northern Euro and a Southern Euro the former would rocket in value, which would
mean all those VW’s, Audi’s & BMW’s would be massively expensive for anyone outside of the Northern Euro currency zone, German
exporters’ sales would collapse, unemployment would rocket and German voters would be hoping mad.

The German elite isn’t stupid IMHO. The Euro has been the best thing that ever happened to them in terms of business.
The bankrupt PIIGs hold down the value of the Euro so they can sell, sell, sell! ”

He is right,but nothing can go on forever.

It’s true that the euro is the best thing for Germany but is also true that if they want to hold the EU together they should accept some compromise,the alternative could be the sinking of the EU and this would  mean NO northern euro NO southern euro NO EU ,I would vote for this but the elites would not be so happy of this solution.




is HIP once again


Another “energy metal” to watch

Someone is liking it today

Thanks Plunger…I believe…may be wrong…who reco’d this one ?

US10yr Yield (Monthly)

Houston, we have liftoff. I repeat – Stage 1 liftoff commenced.

And below is another reminder that Gold is now moving IN TANDEM with the US 10y yield, whereas it previously(for years) moved INVERSELY (see chart below).

What’s my point?

I think the gold market has been slow to pick up on this. If rates continue upward(see first chart – they will), then this is a great sign for gold.

Mayday Mayday Mayday

Fallen Soldier Down !

Franco Nevada has been a leader…THE strongest PM Stock on the Planet…just recently put in an ATH

I DON”T like The Looks of this…no siree …not at all.


I just bought this Pot Stock

Its on the NEW “Canadian Securities Exchange” CSE….not to be confused with the CDNX

This is something I was not aware of

The ticker ISOL cannot be found on Stock Charts or Live Charts

I was able to buy the Canadian version on my TD online account.

The Pink sheets equivalent is ISOLF and this can be found on the afore mentioned platforms.

Interesting that there is a new Exchange …with far less rigid reporting requirements…sounds like a recipe for mayhem