I have watched part of the Video ….which shows an imminent crash in the Dollar Index

here are my remarks

1..Fundamentally If the US Dollar Index Crashes ..then by definition the Euro has to soar.

So wtf ? Inflation in the USA and Deflation in Europe ? Money Flowing from the USA to Europe ?

Explain that while there is a war in Europe !


2…Northstar shows a Rising wedge pattern in the dollar which is butting up against his Famous “Dome”

He clams a Rising wedge is always Bearish…No it is NOT …a rising wedge falling wedge or any pattern is either Bullish OR bearish..it depends on which way it breaks out

Rambus has a post explaining “Wedges” facts and Fictions ”

I am biased BUT Nonetheless I know these Two’s work intimately

Northstar is an Technical Analyst ( who cut his teeth here at Goldtent)

Rambus is a Technical Wizard …who “rewrote” / “refined” The Book !



3…Northstar’s Long term chart shows a breakout from a Multi decade Down trend …but then he goes on to negate the breakout because there was not a full backtest and the breakout has stalled with a rectangle pattern. This is Pure BUNK IMO .

The breakout has paused and has entered a consolidation pattern…whichever way it breaks from the pattern is the trend…and ~~75% of patterns are continuations.

Short term breakout with todays price marked x in the red circle

Long Term Chart . BTW Northstar says it makes sense to use linear scale for a Long term chart. I disagree…LOG charts show % moves and that is far more constructive and revealing than linear charts over long time frames

All in all..The Dollar has broken out on the Daily Chart AND on the Long term Monthly it is still in the consolidation pattern …with NO sign of an Imminent Crash

Whichever way this pattern breaks will be the new impulse move..odds favor UP as the pattern started with an uptrend.

So thats what I Think

What do YOU think

PS I also think Climate Change and Attempted Climate Control is BULLSHIT…just like Covid Control was.

Same thing…. Trillions of Dollars and Euro Wasted on trying to Control Mother Nature !

While you’re at it can you work on making it warmer up here…we are freezing our asses off .