In a mystical magical land, as far removed from the Insanity we explore in our midst, as one can be ,

Goldballoon Man just sent a new “Batch” of Photos from his trip to the most remote place on the Planet

He is in Bangkok at the moment…recharging and organizing his photos from

The northernmost regions of Pakistan literally on the borders of Afghanistan China India and Tajikistan

This Place is called Fairy Meadows…sounds like lt could be in Kansas…but one look and you will see it’s NOT

Full Photo Sets below….click on the arrow on the right then the pause on the left to move the pictures at your own speed .. then click on the icon “i” on the left to see commentary for each photo.

Thank you Bill for taking your friends from Goldtent along with you. This is beyond words..spectacular doesn’t come close .

These Photo Spectacles help so much in grounding us while we learn more and more what a horribly corrupt society we have created and allowed to flourish in what was ones the “First World”


Greetings from Bangkok!

It was time to leave the cold of the mountains and travel onward, so here I am in the humid heat of Bangkok. As has been an unintentional trend in my travels, once again there was no simple straight line between where I was and where I wanted to be. In this case, my two-day zig-zag route from Islamabad took me first to faraway Sharjah, UAE, then back north to New Delhi, India. From there, the line straightened out a bit, with a direct flight to Bangkok. It had me giggling last night to go to sleep with the air-conditioner on cool, instead of trying to warm up my cold toes.

Although I’ve now moved out of Pakistan and its magical mountains and attractive remote peoples, there are a few more galleries from Pakistan yet to be completed. They will hopefully get done in quick succession, so my mind can catch up to my body.

These two galleries are from the week spent absorbing some of the sensations of the massive mountain, Nanga Parbat, where it was very nice just to sit and be much of the time:

Enjoying the amazing variety of life and wishing you all of the best, too!