Latest BC CDC Data on Covid for the period May 1 to June 25 2022.  Remember this is the GOVT.

The Boosted are 52% of the population but are represented above their % in Hospitalization, Cases and Deaths.   I don’t look at cases as its not accurate.  For the past 8 weeks the Boosted don’t look so good in any of the categories.

The Boosted sure do take up a lot of hospital beds though it’s the Deaths that count. Presently 9 out of 10 Covid deaths in BC are shotted.  Great advertising for Effectiveness.

But we still hear, “Glad I got vaccinated, it could have been a lot worse”.   Of course not for the ones in the Death column, yikes!

A Pandemic of the Shotted.  More shots one receives the greater likelihood of death.

How long will they continue to post these numbers.