TA (Technical Analysis), we can all agree is a wonderful thing ,

If you are involved in any Market ,any timeframe come to Goldtent TA Paradise to share , teach , learn or just observe “Those With Charts.”

Your chances of making good trades improves however , with at least a working knowledge of TA in at least One of it’s subforms. The focus here is Chartology , Cycles , Momentum Indicators, Moving Averages (all connected and subsets of Edwards and Magee) and to a lesser degree Elliot Wave ( pun) and others.

We are fortunate to have attracted many different Technical Analysts in the Goldtent Community

Each one brings their own unique work and reading and together with other contributers, in the spirit of all for one and one for all , many great calls are made and readers are kept on the right side of the markets for the most part. This of course benefits readers as all possibilities are examined and allowed to be critiqued.

Many of us have been at this long enough to have settled on a place like this as opposed to many other forums which tend to be confrontational based.

We’ve had and see enough of confrontations and ego clashes.
Having personally been in the middle of those enough times I am happy to finally remember ..its all about Learning to Trade Successfully, Ego’s are left on the camel, outside, in a bag hanging from his hump. Yes two Humps IS better than one . 🙂

So anyhow the Guys have different perspectives and right now they are quite different…which can be unsettling.

Let me try to summarize each ones position here. remembering everybody has their own unique trading profile, which is any % split of

Long Term Holds ( Years and decades)
Mid Term Trades( Months and Years)
Short term trades ( Hours and Days)

Some of our contributing guys have a large enough following to have attracted their own Pay site and some just tell us their thoughts and show us their charts for free. That’s the kind of community this is, all levels from beginner to pro are welcomed and respected.

Having said all this Kumbya . We reserve the right to delete posts or posters that confuse or don’t fit . That always lands the moderator in hot water.

Anyhow..so whats the current thinking ? ( feel free to correct or expand in the comments)

March 27 2017

Stock Market:

Rambus…..Consolidation of recent strong gains is at hand but mid term the targets are much higher.
Spock…….Sees Higher Mid term.
Surf……..Short term bearish
Norvast….Bullish Mid term ( convincing cycle work)
Eagle……Leaning Bearish short term
Graddhy…..Bullish Mid term

PM Market:
Jordan (The Daily Gold) …..Weak for a while longer then later in the year Strengthening.

Rambus…………Long Term…TBD…There is a good case for long term bull
……………….Mid Term….If 1100 is breached there are obscene targets to the down side.
………………( cant post here as its PG13)
……………….Short term…could go either way, tight leash , be nimble.

Eagle….Generally bullish and prefers trading from the bull side…but watches every minute of the day for signs.

Surf…..Short Term is the focus….Cycles top in Gold may be approaching , and Bottom in USD overdue. However the character of the cycles are to be determined following this short term out come.

Plunger…Has been bearish of late , his unique work with blending his study of Market Psychology and History and Rambus Charts, has him thinking …The kick in the ass to Gold Miner Investors wasn’t hard enough and we need to revisit the lows or a little above to really wash the sector out and destroy optomism …ie…he is still thinking the real comical selling lays ahead. Long term he is a Goldbug…a practical one ( RARE)…Plunger has had the hot hand lately ( see Plunger Nailed it on the sidebar) and is followed at the Chartology forum. ( Rambus Membership Perc.)

Norvast…Mid Term and Longer Term Bullish with specific dates and short term cautious.

Spock….Bullish in all time frames and patient ( the KEY)…. As his belief is we are buying Good Miners at the greatest bargain prices , maybe ever. Just look at the historical mismatch between the miners and gold…its pathetic…opportunity knocks but once. Oh and btw he has connections to some attractive Private Placements (where you buy the stock below the market price) and is a long termer in the funding of miners…ie ..knows the players. His service was rushed into production at the beginning of the 2016 7 month Gold Rush and is , despite the drawdown since still up Very substantially. However this was a mixed blessing as some members are in this for a quick hit and cannot stand the draw down that must be weathered to make serious money. However to their credit MOST members have stayed the course and intend to do so.

caveat…do not enter this mini miner sector without honest guidance or with money you cant afford to lose or need to use .

Graddhy…Extensive work on the currencies has him bullish on Gold in all time frames…One of the first to become bearish on the dollar..

pedro-deleon….Elliot Waves and some other proprietary work has him..long term bearish…short term bearish …mid term Bullish
do I have that right perdo ?

Now I am out of time…there are many other highly valued and well stated cases here.
You know who you are…Some New some veterans

Please post your take in a comment…everyone welcome :

Here are the associated Sites:

Rambus…. https://rambus1.com/

Spock Miners…..http://spockm.com/

Spock Global….https://spockg.com/

SurfCity and Norvast…https://surfcity.co/

Jordan / The Daily Gold…https://thedailygold.com/ ( Not associated with goldtent but highly recommended service)

Thanks all

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