Who Knew…?…Restricting the expulsion of second hand air from your lungs and rebreathing it causes brain Dammage

Seems obvious when you see maskaholics wandering around out there ….Neuron Death ….Yikes

Well on the bright side…This helps climate change…cant let all that CO2 go back into the atmosphere….sheesh


I will summarize key findings:
4.5 billion people (58%) were confronted with a “mask obligation”
Fresh air has 0.04% CO2
Wearing masks more than 5 minutes: 1.4 to 3.2% CO2
Carbon Dioxide Re-breathing
Surgical mask after 30 min = 2.8-3.2% CO2 (U.Butz, 2005)
N95 after 1 min = 0.9% CO2 (T.Blad, 2020)
N95 after 5 min = 1.28% to 3.52% (Sinkule, 2013)
N95 after 60 min = 2.8-3.2% (Roberge, 2010)
Acute CO2 Toxicity:
10 min of 2.5-3.5% CO2 increases cerebral blood flow by 100% = headaches
hyperventilation, metabolic changes (acidosis)
Chronic CO2 Toxicity (animal studies):
0.3% CO2 – irreversible neuron damage, neuron destruction, increased anxiety, impaired learning and memory (rat studies)
0.5% CO2 – testicular toxicity in adolescents (rat studies show diminished fertility in rat testes after one 4hr exposure at 2.5% CO2)
0.8% CO2 – stillbirths (safety level set by US Navy for female submarine crew, due to rat studies showing fetal malformations, post implantation loss, lower probability of viable fetuses)