Atomic posted a full link to the Gates Interview in a link below…It’s tough to watch it all but worth it.

.Fascinating watching the Ultimate Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing ( literally …wool sweaters) 🙂

How obvious is it that this is an Infomercial !

Bill is selling vaccines.

He used to sell software and internet products and nw he is selling vaccines

He want’s to be seen as a benevolent philanthropist.

One of my good buddies ( 45 years) sincerely thinks Gates as a wonderful philanthropist …he has so much money he just want to share it with unfortunates,

Sooo…Needles to say after a long argument on this point…He is done with me !

I had so many links to prove the point that this guy is the creepiest but most bland looking supervillian in history

He does the Joker One better

His diabolical scheme to control the world and every human in it is presented from his nerdy benign Persona.

But he doesn’t quite pull it off…like the man said in this piece…there is just something OFF every time you see him.

The sweaters are great though and the glasses and the toupee …It is so incredible to see the persona he is trying to be vs the incredible evil in his mind !

If he doesn’t open his mouth he just looks like a nice old Mr. Rogers type …So easy to trust.

We must get the word out on who this is we are dealing with .

He is the last guy to get even …from the Revenge of the Nerds