Theo Fleury is the ex National Hockey League Star Player who has become a strong activist for “Team Freedom” . At the recent Alberta Tucker Events , Tucker called him out as a good friend .

Looks like Theo knows something ( Thanks Ray from Away )


Remember , most ( 95% + ) people do not have any Idea what the Russian Position is on this war and on the Western Lead hegemony in general is . We here at the Tent have been privy to the Russian Point of View..and to that end most of us are Rootin for Putin .

We have heard and read Putins speeches via our Alt outlets ….and particularly we are aware of his points of view from The Duran and many other sites that most people even on the Right are not aware of.

I have never met anyone in the real world who has any idea about the history of the Ukraine Conflict…The Maidan Rebellion in 2014 , The Minsk Accords , The Azov ( Nazi) Battalion , Zalenski’s election promise for peace with the Russian Population in the Donbas , The war of aggression between the Kiev regime and the People of the Donbas. 95% + believe that Putin was the aggressor and that he wants to take ALL of Europe .

I wonder if Tucker will also interview Edward Snowden ….and maybe even Goldballoon 🙂