Jeff Childers

Finally, one more thing that seems to be falling apart is the embargo on Americans hearing directly from the Russian President for themselves. Tucker Carlson has, apparently, been spotted in Moscow leading to wild rumor-mongering. The biggest rumor is Tucker is interviewing President Putin. Not everyone is happy about it.

Tucker’s trip apparently touched a nerve, and now the RINO brigade is out in force, to attack Tucker from the right. For instance, disgraced sell-out Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) gallingly called Tucker a “traitor,” just for visiting Russia, apparently:

Not that anybody cares what he thinks about anything, but unhinged pseudo-conservative and sad sack Bill Kristol tweeted that’s it, Tucker should be completely banned from returning to the U.S.:

Kristol’s idea was an especially dumb suggestion because Tucker could just stroll across the U.S. southern border anytime he wants. Duh. Personally, I’d rather see a complete and total shut down of Bill Kristol, but hey. Free speech, I guess.

Nobody knows — or nobody is saying — exactly who Tucker is interviewing. But Tucker talked about interviewing Putin not too long ago. At the time, Tucker was telling the story of how the NSA called him immediately and asked for a meeting right after he texted someone about the idea of interviewing the Russian President.

They seem to be terrified of Tucker and do not want him talking to Putin for some reason.

For two solid years, corporate media has sustained a systemic blackout of President Putin’s point of view. Media acts like Americans are gullible little sheep, instantly vulnerable to Putin’s mesmeric propaganda, and so we all must be protected from hearing even one word from the leader of the country with which we are supposedly engaged in an ultimate-stakes proxy war.

Despite the critically-important nature of the politics involved, no American journalist has ever dared to even report on one of Putin speeches, much less ask the man a question.

A Tucker interview of Vladimir Putin would shatter the Internet.

It wasn’t as straightforward to come together as you might imagine at first. Had Elon Musk not bought Twitter last year, Tucker would have nowhere to broadcast a Putin interview. Had Fox News kept Tucker employed, he would have had to follow rules and they surely would have precluded his interviewing Putin. A chain of highly-unlikely circumstances seem to have led us to this point.

Never mind its Putin embargo, corporate media itself is falling apart. Just within the last month, for example, the L.A. Times laid off at least 115 people in its newsroom. The Wall Street Journal cut twenty reporters and editors from its DC bureau last week. There are many, many more.

Meanwhile, Tucker is expanding at the speed of light.

It almost doesn’t matter, at this point, whether Tucker interviews Putin or Edward Snowden. The Overton Window is moving fast. The truth will set us free.