Hi Gary,

At the moment, I’m on a train, traveling right along the southern edge of Lake Baikal, on my way to Irkutsk. From there, I’ll fly to Moscow, arriving tonight.

Yesterday, while skiing at Sable Mountain Ski Area, next to the town of Baikalsk, I realized I’m finished with Siberia for now, so last night I bought tickets to get to Moscow and now I’m on my way to Moscow.

Just now, I read your post about Tucker. If he’s in Moscow, I would love to meet him, at least to say hello and thanks for what he’s doing. If you have any way of finding out where he’s staying or how I might contact him, please let me know.





Never count Balloonman out …anyone hears anything post it here. Any readers out there hear anything e me gmag@live.ca


PS Three of the people high on my list of those I would like to meet are Putin, Lavrov and Tucker. It would be incredibly cool to meet all three together!

OK we will see what we can do 🙂