We have seen lots written that the $30+ trillion national debt will never be paid down and that is likely true. Here is a thought as an alternative to the “Great Taking” playing out where someone(s) gets everything and everyone else ends up with nothing. What if all the money in IRA’s and 401k’s (As of December 31, 2022, a total of $37.8 trillion was held in U.S. retirement plans and accounts, of which $26.3 trillion was in employer-sponsored plans and $11.5 trillion was in IRAs.Sep 20, 2023.) was used to payoff that debt. Would eliminate the debt but seems a bit unfair. However what if you could do both. Payoff the debt but not have to confiscate everyones wealth? Just convert all those funds into buying up the US Treasury debt. The debt is paid off but the ownership stays in each account owners name. They may have preferred to stay in stocks or other vehicles but given equities are overvalued and likely headed for a long period of underperformance they will probably end up better off. Of course this type of reset would best be coupled with conservative elected officials who start balancing future budgets so we don’t get right back into the same mess again.