US Stocks

Did anyone notice the Major US Stock Indexes all broke out today ?

Many of them like QQQ and SPX and even XLU ( Utilities)…To new Highs !

Yet Again the SM Shorts are trampled by “The most Hated Bull Market in History”

Rambus members noticed

Is it just me or is there no one else in this Community following the “Blue Chips”

Perf Chart from The Bottom of the World Financial Crisis Nov 2008.

Why do I think someone is gonna get burnt

This is from my good friend and former Rambus member in Greece

Palm Beach Research Group

*Time to Take Some Profits…*

Dear Alexander,

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Some good looking charts

I have the impression from looking at several gold explorers that there are too many bears around and summer rally is gradually starting in juniors:


Almaden: strong volume, RSI above 50, investors still want to get in after strong feasibility study in April


Minaurum Gold, RSI back above 50, lower volume,but nice drilling news




Nexus, RSI back above declining RSI trendline, move up in anticipation of drilling news


Vendetta looks like it wants to break the 0.27 on weekly chart. Of course this is a zinc explorer/developer and with the zinc shortage it has different cycles than gold names


Of course anything producer related and GDXJ exposed will suffer until GDXJ re balancing, but I guess this will be over in some weeks


Weird Trading Rule

Have you guys heard of the “tick size pilot program”? I hadn’t until today when I tried to enter a limit order trade for Richmont Mines @ $7.31. The order was rejected and a message popped up saying that I can only enter trades for RIC in $0.05 increments. So I reentered the trade limit @ $7.30 and it was accepted. Maybe this is how they’re trying to address HFT or something. I was always wondering why RIC didn’t move as often as other stocks. Now I know.

Golden Arrow Resources

garwf /  grg.v … I am looking for a breakout in this soon.





Graddhy vs. Eagle…

P.S. I am not the fella on the porch 🙂


Graddhy, looking good so far with a small bull flag breakout…
I do have a small position in NUGT awaiting the 13/34 EMA cross to add…

Premature; however, the TRIX does want to cross back up at the purple line completing previous symmetry…


Looks like we have a small pull back coming up here now which is moving DUST into position. This also fits with my US dollar BT coming up post earlier today.

Or what do you say EagleSeagle..?


Why is this silver development play trying to break out when most silver miners are down in the cellar?
There is likely little more news to come on the exploration front for a long time. Available funds will now be spent developing the mine.
Usually stocks at this stage are expected to lag until they near production, and yet…

The answer is ZINC. AZ.TO is a ZINC/SILVER play, and world zinc stocks are low right now. Zinc prices are rising.
For more fun with zinc check out:



Weekly Look Shows a bit more urgency