The Government of Canada is Betting $36 Million Taxpayer Dollars That Vaccines Are Not Entirely Safe

In this article from yesterday, they pointed this out in the Government of Canada’s 2024 budget…

Save America

With ‘Halving’ Imminent, Peter Schiff Says ‘Bitcoin Has No Value

“This is just the beginning of a massive re-pricing of gold, and people aren’t even buying it yet. You have central banks buying, but investors aren’t even buying gold. Retail investors, the institutions— they’re not in the market at all. They don’t even understand why gold is rising. They’re attributing it to geopolitical risks, but it’s all about inflation. The key is that the markets have the inflation story wrong. The Fed rate hikes up to five and a quarter, five and a half, have not been nearly enough to put the inflation genie back in the bottle.”

“I’d say [inflation’s] at least double what the CPI is. So if the government claims inflation is two, it’s four. And when they claimed it was nine, it was probably 18. People are struggling. It’s a lousy economy. People’s real incomes have been eviscerated by inflation. They’re forced to work multiple jobs. They’re drowning in a mountain of debt, and we’re headed for a major disaster.”

Edmonton police knew vaccination may be harmful but insisted on it, anyway — report

Natasha Gonek, a one-time regulatory investigator for the College of Registered Nurses, has now reported on how employees of the Edmonton Police Service were treated during the anti-COVID vaccination campaign and reveals that some are being ‘accommodated’ because of injuries attributed to vaccination

A damning report on the Edmonton Police Service’s (EPS) COVID-19 response alleges leadership knew vaccines caused “serious” injury, then mandated them for officers and civilian employees, anyway. EPS employees were discouraged from asking questions about safety and penalised — some severely so — for refusing the jab. Today however, documents released under information access requests show there are members on short or long-term disability due to vaccine-related injuries.

“There are allegations that some deaths may be related to the COVID pandemic response. Not just the vaccines,” “There have been hospitalizations for cardiac injuries. There are people off work because they can no longer meet the fitness requirements. There’s been quite a bit of myocarditis. Skin issues, allergy issues, immune response.” “Many employees say they are constantly sick now … These were healthy people.” Yet the report states that “it does not appear the employer is tracking any of this information” on post-vaccine-related medical issues.

It lists multiple recommendations, including a call for investigations — criminal and otherwise.


Analysis Report, Executive Summary and FOIP February 2024

Gold is a store of Value but….

…over time Gold can be overvalued or undervalued for long periods of time in the lives of the average person. When it is overvalued, it is the flight to safety over other assets. When undervalued, there is a mania occurring in another asset. Many assets that had more value than Gold at one time no longer retain that value ie The Tulip Mania, Beanie Babies, Hunter Biden Artwork, etc.

Instead of arguing over the nominal price, we should look at what an ounce of Gold purchases. As more currency is printed, the price of Gold in that currency rises but does it buy more in that event? No, it eventually finds it’s value and swings from undervalued to overvalued and back.

Holding Gold preserves your purchasing power over longer periods of time (that can be debated of course) but it is the leverage of a well positioned producer that will multiply your wealth. Many mines are just a money pit as most of us have unfortunately discovered at great expense.

To put a target on Price we need to know what is happening to the currency it is measured in. This is beyond my pay grade and I will continue to make some bad decisions but hope that the winners more than make up for the losers.

Gold- Estimating the Price top

Lets put up one more gold chart. This time I have a current candle chart of gold. Its a 25 year view using monthly price bars and we are using Gartley Extensions to try and derive where the price will top-out based on price history to date. This is a well used formula and the method has been validated by technical people everywhere with productive results. Sometimes, the target prices are hit within pennies of the estimates. So the validity of the method is not in question although its fair to say there are times when the actual price overshoots and other times when it fails to reach the target highs.

So here you have gold and it is evident that the target line is at 2709.60 which means we are currently within just 309 dollars of the final top on this cycle before price turns around and corrects. You may argue with this method all day long and come up with any excuse why it will be wrong. But it will beat you almost every time.

Gold is nearing a major 25 year top. It is going to break down once it gets there unless it can decisively breech that 2709 line and prove its going higher. It can do so by posting a monthly candle with both the opening and closing price above the line. Lets see what happens next. In the meantime, I will warn you once more that you are just gambling by trying to speculate on prices exceeding the target on a long term basis.

But do as you please. Its no care of mine what you do with your own money!

Digging in the Attic and Found an Old Gold Chart

I cannot recall where I originally found the chart linked here. But I had saved it all these years since I found it so interesting at the time. Its last update was in 1998 when gold still traded for 310 dollars! Anyway I thought today was a good time to trot it out. Sadly I cannot authenticate it or give credit to the original author since its source is lost to time. Maybe someone here also has a copy and knows where it came from.

The interesting aspect of this chart is that the *real* price of gold shown has never exceeded 2400 dollars in the past 600 years. That is noteworthy and somewhat applicable to todays pricing. Have a look and draw your own conclusions. There is certainly a long term resistance line that needs to be overcome before gold will go higher. And according to this chart anyway, gold is indeed in bubble territory. Sorry to have to repeat it but gold is at the top of its long term price range and ripening for a secular reversal as the air finally comes out of the “everything bubble”

UK – Doctors (GPs) are to lose the power to hand out sick notes as Rishi Sunak launches crackdown and tells the millions of Brits who are signed off that ‘life worries’ are NO reason not to have a job: ‘Ask what work you CAN do – not what you can’t’

GPs are to be stripped of their power to sign people off work, under plans for a crackdown on Britain’s ‘sick note culture’.


Yet again final decisions on treatment of patients will be made by government bureaucrats

The Fog of War

Iranian official: “There’s been no airstrike in Isfahan or other parts of the country. They only made a failed and humiliating attempt to fly quadcopters, and they were all shot down.”



Nattokinase Dissolves Fibrinaloid Microclots

World Bank Report Highlights Advantage Of Central Bank Gold Revaluation Accounts

The World Bank publication underlines the fact that gold is the only financial asset without counterparty risk, and due to its scarcity relative to fiat currencies its price in the long run always increases.

Central banks that own gold for an extended period can reap the benefits of their gold revaluation account without having to sell any gold.



Gold Miners Will Trade At “Multiples” Of Current Prices: Lawrence Lepard In particular, China and Russia have been “enormous buyers”.

Moar Power: White House Considers Invoking “Unprecedented” Climate Emergency

Such an “unprecedented” declaration could “unlock federal powers to stifle oil development”, among other things…

How best to grab power when there’s no convenient emergency to use as excuse? Invent one!

That’s right: if you had ‘climate emergency’ on your ‘list of disasters to prompt mail-in balloting’ bingo card, you may soon be able to cross that square off. That’s because the Biden administration is reportedly renewing discussions “about potentially declaring a national climate emergency,”


Just in time for the probable Strait of Hormuz shutdown by Iran — well timed Executive Branch

Pierre Poilievre SMASHES Trudeau’s Political Career Into PIECES


From Dr Byram Bridle ( Hero)


Just a headline I picked up …looking for the Story

Stock Futures down hard

Oil Futures up strong

Gold and Sulver Futures Up



Another headline…no story yet


Story here in X



Anti-vaxxer nurse who injected up to 8,600 elderly patients with saltwater instead of Covid vaccine walks FREE from court in Germany

  • The nurse in Germany jabbed up to 8,600 elderly people with ~saline solution
  • The nurse administered the fake vaccines and left people without protection
  • The defendant shared anti-vaxxer posts on social media during the pandemic

Red Cross nurse Antje T, 39, jabbed thousands of elderly patients at a vaccine centre in Germany with what she told them was the BioNTech Pfizer vaccine but was just a saltwater solution. She was given just six months on probation.


About those stupid 4-day workweek promises

The non-woke cultures just upped it to 6 days a week!


Pro-Vaxxer Left Speechless as Dr. McCullough Drops the Disturbing Truth About the COVID Shots

3 minutes

The Populist Revolt: Europe’s Had Enough!


This is a great Piece

Democracy, as invented by the Ancient Athenians, had two constituent parts: demos–the people–and kratos–power or control. Since democracy re-emerged in its modern form in Europe, oligarchies have done all in their power to keep the demos and kratos as far apart as possible

It is time to go on the offensive and stand up for national democracy and sovereignty. Whenever they try to treat populism as a dirty word, I recall the definition of the p-word in the Cambridge Dictionary: “Populism—political ideas and activities that are intended to get the support of ordinary people by giving them what they want.” Giving the people what they want! Outrageous! That idea may fill the EU elites with horror. But we should surely embrace populism as another word for democracy.

Scottish Hate Crime Law May Have To Be Repealed

Introducing the Hate Crime and Public Order Act has proved to be a disastrous move for Scottish First Minister and leader of the hard-left Scottish National Party (SNP), Humza Yousaf.

A large proportion of the first 4,000 hate crime complaints, submitted after the law came into effect at the beginning of this month, were rather humiliatingly directed at Yousaf himself. Polling released over the weekend also suggests that in the few weeks that the hate crime law has been in place, Yousaf’s popularity has plunged among Scots—including among SNP voters.

Findlay this week told his colleagues that the law “has transformed Scotland into a place of international mockery … where contentious discussions and disagreements in your own home can result in a knock at the door from the police. Where every single complaint, no matter how groundless or absurd, is subject to police investigation, while despairing officers are being told not to pursue real crimes.”

Scottie Scheffler: a golfer of spiritual ecstasy




Thanks for these Charts Farmer…I have a different interpretation

A Cup and Handle Pattern is Usually very Bullish


Wedge Patterns are Consolidation Patterns…they will always breakout one way or another

I see 4 reversal points so far thats an even number and therefore Bullish …and even if there is a pause at the top line..this being a log chart i bet that line is near 4,000

Rest my case

Biden Goes Directly to African Nations as WHO Treaty Fails


April 18, 2024: Thanks to the tireless work of my esteemed colleague, James Roguski, and others, the WHO IHR (International Healthcare Regulations) are epically failing. James exposed how the negotiations between the Working Group (US, EU nations, NGO influence, et al) with 72 nations from the Africa Group and Group for Equity were quite contentious.

Ask a financial advisor if it’s time to put money in PM miners

Ask your neighbour, friends, relatives, etc.
I haven’t asked lately but I would guess that PM’s and the miners are not on their radar screen.
As the modern version goes, when the person manning the Cell Phone Kiosk in the Mall gives you a hot tip on a miner, it’s possibly time to lighten up or plan your exit.

We are a long way from that point.

Lefties losing it: Joe Biden’s ‘cognitive decline’ hitting ‘new lows’

‘Absolute liars’: Ex-D.C. Guard official says generals lied to Congress about Jan. 6

In a 36-page memo to the Capitol riot committee, Col. Earl Matthews also slams the Pentagon’s inspector general for what he calls an error-ridden report.

A former D.C. National Guard official is accusing two senior Army leaders of lying to Congress and participating in a secret attempt to rewrite the history of the military’s response to the Capitol riot.

In a 36-page memo, Col. Earl Matthews, who held high-level National Security Council and Pentagon roles during the Trump administration, slams the Pentagon’s inspector general for what he calls an error-riddled report that protects a top Army official who argued against sending the National Guard to the Capitol on Jan. 6, delaying the insurrection response for hours. — much more detailed with 4 1/2 minute video of the sworn testimony


Scientists tout new RNA universal vaccine – Vaccine breakthrough means no more chasing strains

Scientists at UC Riverside have demonstrated a new, RNA-based vaccine strategy that is effective against any strain of a virus and can be used safely even by babies or the immunocompromised.

Every year, researchers try to predict the four influenza strains that are most likely to be prevalent during the upcoming flu season. And every year, people line up to get their updated vaccine, hoping the researchers formulated the shot correctly.

The same is true of COVID vaccines, which have been reformulated to target sub-variants of the most prevalent strains circulating in the U.S.

This new strategy would eliminate the need to create all these different shots, because it targets a part of the viral genome that is common to all strains of a virus. The vaccine, how it works, and a demonstration of its efficacy in mice is described in a paper published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Live-attenuated virus vaccine defective in RNAi suppression induces rapid protection in neonatal and adult mice lacking mature B and T cells


Fool me once shame on you – Fool me twice shame on me!